Research interests

I work to detect and characterise transiting exoplanets, using data from space- and ground-based telescopes. I am a member of the following teams:

  • The NGTS consortium, which operates twelve robotic telescopes in Chile's Atacama Desert.
  • KESPRINT - a worldwide effort to analyse data from NASA's Kepler/K2 space telescope to detect new planets, and to confirm those discoveries with observations from the ground.
  • The CHEOPS Science Team. CHEOPS is a European Space Agency satellite launched in December 2019, that is characterising known exoplanets.

  • I was formerly part of the Keele WASP team, where I am working on various aspects of the SuperWASP project and transiting extra-solar planets in general.

    I was awarded my Ph.D. in 2009 by the University of St Andrews, for a thesis entitled 'Searching for transiting extra-solar planets at optical and radio wavelengths'. I was supervised by Prof. Andew Collier Cameron. The final version of my thesis can be downloaded in pdf format here.

    For more details on my research, please see my publications page, or you may download my CV (including publication list) here [last update: January 2021].

    Professional Memberships

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